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Custom Software Solutions Built by Experts

Custom software development is the process of defining business requirements, translating those requirements into a design, developing a software solution that fits the design, and managing the overall process to produce the right solution that works.

Our R&D team has extensive development experience in desktop applications, databases and spreadsheet models and can help you architect, design and develop a solution tailored to your particular business requirements, using industry best practice tools and methodologies.

Examples of custom software development services we provide are:


Desktop Applications

Utilising the latest Microsoft .Net Framework and programming languages to build custom desktop applications and ‘line of business’ solutions that are specific to your company or industry.

Web Applications

Taking advantage of the power of the Internet and Microsoft technologies such as C#, ASP .Net, ASP MVC and WCF, to build applications that can be accessed anywhere on any browser.


Developing databases for critical data storage from any application and designing data warehouses for powerful reporting and data analysis.

Spreadsheet Models

Applying best-practice in spreadsheet design to build robust and scalable Microsoft Excel models with complex calculations, professional reporting and intelligent VBA macros.

Systems Integration

Increase efficiency and data integrity by developing interfaces between complimentary systems, ensuring double-entry of data and the risk of error is minimised.


Improve business intelligence and analysis by developing powerful and insightful reporting for your spreadsheet models or databases using reporting tools such as Excel, SSRS, etc.

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