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EstateMaster Investment and Valuation Suite

The EstateMaster Investment & Valuation Suite is an integrated solution for producing professional valuation reports and investment appraisals using industry-standard DCF and Capitalisation valuation methodologies.

Products included in this Suite

Development Feasibility

Calculate, with ease and accuracy, each of the key performance indicators for property development appraisals and feasibility studies. Profit Margin, Residual Land Value, NPV and IRR to name just a few - all precisely quantified.
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A property valuation and investment analysis tool that uses Income Capitalisation and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis to accurately appraise a property's purchase and disposal values based on its rental cash flow forecast.
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Corporate Consolidation

Delivers a corporate level view of your entire property valuation and investment portfolio. Facilitates sharing of business intelligence across the whole organisation by storing appraisal inputs and variables in a central location.
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Who is it for ?

Valuers & Consultants

Provide accurate valuations and forecasts while following industry standards. Learn More »


Accurate financial modelling to help make the right investment decisions. Learn More »

Asset & Fund Managers

Knowing what your assets are worth and managing your investment portfolio. Learn More »

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