Terminal server CAS licences

Important note on terminal services CAS licences

Please bear in mind that CAS licencing is entirely dependent on the ability to provide users efficient and reliable remote access to your server through programs such as Windows Remote Desktop or Citrix Metaframe, as the ARGUS EstateMaster software will be remotely operated via that server.

Therefore, it is imperative that before you either purchase or transfer to a CAS licence, the following is verified by your IT Department:

  • Your organisation has a Server that runs Terminal Services.
  • All potential ARGUS EstateMaster users have remote access to that server.
  • The server specifications are sufficient to operate the ARGUS EstateMaster software via Terminal Services to all the potential users at a level which is deemed efficient and reliable by them. This can by tested by installing the ARGUS EstateMaster software on the server and evaluating its performance over the evaluation period.

As a general guideline, we would recommend the following for a Citrix/Terminal Server Deployment for ARGUS EstateMaster:

  1. A maximum of 30 users per server.
  2. At least 8GB RAM (approx 512MB per user) per server
  3. Multiple Dual or Quad Core Processors with a CPU clock speed of at least 2.8Ghz
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