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Latest Release launching August 2016


We are excited to announce a new release of our software suite effective today. Details of "what's new" are included in this newsletter.

We are committed to delivering the most innovative software solutions for professionals in the property industry. As such we have increased our development staff and it is our intent to deliver two (2) to three (3) releases of new functionality in our software suite per year. Our roadmap of new functionality is very much client driven so please do not hesitate to submit feature requests you may have.

Our global expansion initiatives are well underway in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. I want to personally thank each and every one of our clients for helping EstateMaster achieve record revenue in Fiscal Year 2016. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to support your property software requirements.

Thank you again for your business!

Larry Oglesby
President & COO

New features across DM & DF

  • Added 'No of Units' column in Rental Income section to be able to enter multiple tenancies including residential units on one line.

  • Added options to enter rental income on a 'per unit' basis  per annum, monthly and also on a weekly basis.

  • Ability to enter in a Settlement date before the lease end date for Capitalised Sales.

  • More detail on the Land Owners Cash Flow for Joint Venture models (DF only).

  • 6 additional customisable S-Curve Profiles.

  • A Preference for determining how Global Costs are proportioned across each stage in the StageCF report.

  • A Preference for determining at what point the IRR and NPV for each stage is calculated from in the StageCF report.

  • New PDF functionality that doesn't depend on postscript printer drivers.

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PRRES 2016 International Feasibility Competition

The International Feasibility Competition is open to any university currently a member with PRRES or within the EstateMaster University Partnership Program (UPP). The competition gives students a chance to demonstrate their skills in property and feasibility analysis through creating a mock development project

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EstateMaster How-to video Series

Our how-to video guides will help you, from providing a quick overview of the Corporate Consolidation reports and dashboards to calculating property purchase and sales values using industry standard Income Capitalisation and Discounted Cash Flow approaches. Get started today and see how to get the most out of your EstateMaster software.

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Sample File Library

We have recently added new Sample Files to the Library for you to view and download. There is a list of model examples that show how various scenarios are modelled within all the EstateMaster software products. Check out the complete list allocated per product section inside Training section on our website.

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Date Published: 05 Dec 2016
Category: News

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