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EstateMaster Powers Up With New Release


EstateMaster is thrilled to announce the latest release of its market-leading property software suite. Launching in November, builds on the industry-leading design features and capabilities of existing EstateMaster software and looks set to impress new and existing users alike.

Customer Driven

Almost 25 years in development and based on client feedback, EstateMaster’s new release offers users a simpler, smarter way to manage their property projects and tasks.  Key enhancements such as Stage Cash Flow and new Template Functionality deliver greater consistency, accuracy, and control as well as reducing the time it takes to create and manage real estate projects.   

Newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Larry Oglesby says the new version enhancements are the most significant updates in the history of EstateMaster. “People love using EstateMaster and one of the biggest reasons is ease-of-use and we have worked hard to ensure our new software remains true to label – it looks superb, it’s wonderfully simple to use and enhanced capabilities make the suite of products more powerful than ever before” 

Performance. Simplified.

In the driver’s seat, the new release of EstateMaster is great to look at and delightfully simple to use, under the bonnet however is where the true power is delivered.

Amongst a host of new capabilities two enhancements stand apart:

  • Stage Cash Flow and
  • Template functionality

The refined Stage Cash Flow function allows users to assign individual costs and revenue line items to specific stages in a project and then provide a stage-by-stage analysis. The result is a significantly deeper level of transparency and accuracy. 

The newly designed template capability allows users to create and centrally store specific templates based on criteria that is routinely repeated – such as country, currencies and taxes as well as property types such as retail, residential, commercial, and more. It means greater consistency and control as well as reducing the time it takes to create new projects. 

Industry Preferred

EstateMaster software has grown to become an industry standard in Property Software and is used by thousands of companies around the world. A result Oglesby attributes to the fact that all EstateMaster products are developed with a deep understanding of how property developers, valuers, and investors actually work.

Oglesby explains,

“The sector is becoming increasingly complex, property professionals need software that is accurate, transparent, scalable, flexible, and easy to use. Feedback from our Beta program has been incredibly positive and we believe this is in part because we share the mindset of property professionals.” 

Taking Aussie IP to the World.

Freshly minted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had made it clear that the Australian Government intends to back local businesses taking world class IP to the world. The timing could not be better for EstateMaster, or COO Larry Oglesby.

Oglesby spent two decades working for IT giant IBM, before heading up global sales at ARGUS Software. Now firmly settled at EstateMaster, Oglesby is focused on building a team that can take EstateMaster products global.

“We’re making a major investment in the company. We’ve increased our development team, released a full suite of product enhancements and rolled out a CLOUD offer. New offices in Europe and the Americas are now open and we have plans to expand our presence in Asia in the near future” Oglesby explains.

“We are seeing strong demand in all markets for EstateMaster products and services’, Oglesby concludes.

Learn more about EstateMaster New Release suite of products.

Date Published: 17 Nov 2015
Category: News

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