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Estate Master Software release scheduled for March


The next scheduled update to the Estate Master Software is across our Development Feasibility, Development Management, Investment Appraisal and Corporate Consolidation products.

With improved features and developments, versions DF 5.31, DM 5.31, IA 3.31 and CC 6.91 have added further flexibility and visibility. Some of the changes include: additional IRR calculation options, the addition of a Project Budget variance report (DM), separate printing options for the Inputs and Tenant reports (DF) and a consolidated and comparative Executive Summary Report for multiple Investment Appraisal cash flows (CC).

These improvements and the many others within these new versions reflect Estate Masters Easy to Use and Flexible solutions that can be adapted to our customer requirements as well as kept current with industry movements.

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Date Published: 25 Feb 2014
Category: Software Releases

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